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Bluewater works directly with our clients to understand and meet their specific goals regarding any real estate project. We understand the complex development process and lead our clients through it to deliver a project on time and on budget.

Bluewater Commercial Real Estate provides:

  • Project Feasibility/Financial Analysis – We begin the development process with an in-depth analysis to understand the goals of our client’s project and to determine whether the project is financially feasible.
  • Site Acquisition – Once we have determined project feasibility, we work with our client to find and acquire the appropriate site for their needs.
  • Project Management – Leading the project through the development process includes picking an architect and contractor to build a project, arranging project financing with lenders, getting the project entitled and approved through government agencies. We also develop a financial plan for construction, manage the construction process, develop a marketing plan, and manage the leasing team for the property when applicable. Finally, we turn the property over to client management team upon completion of construction.